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“IT”, you say? May 27, 2007

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“What’s the next course?” I recall asking some fellow classmates during the break of one of our marketing seminars.

“IT” was the reply. My heart sunk deep into my chest. A topic that I knew nothing of and always had an insecurity about. You see, I graduated from Mt. Allison University at a time when you could still get away with being a late adopter to technology. Back then, the Internet would get you a few articles (so long as you could determine what series of Keywords to add together, using the “+”  sign to better define your search) , but using the library was a perfectly acceptable research method. I made it through University with an awesome word-processor (Canon Starwriter), and the occasional computer lab.  I felt like I just missed the techno-curve that was sweeping in.

Over the next few years, I fumbled my way through various banks’ archaic systems whilst starting to grow a little closer to technology. Yet, still I felt like I just didn’t belong on its coat-tails. Curious, indeed, but never brave enough to experiment on my own. All this time I have been waiting to get a second chance!

Ultimately this course was an excellent exploration into the key topics and issues surrounding information technology and systems that are transforming today’s business-scape.  Given that I work very closely with numerous SMEs in New Brunswick, it was an excellent bit of insight into the types of information systems that are available, their functions and capacities. I am confident that I will be able to apply this academic knowledge practically in the field, and add value to my client relations.

Not only did it present a very technical perspective into the world of IT, but it was well complimented by a big-picture overview of technology and current trends. Blogging for example!! I have been reading a large amount of marketing material lately that supports the use of blogs of various levels, yet I had not experienced maintaining a blog.

Keeping the blog was awesome! I had great fun with it and explored some topics that were genuinely interesting. One thing that I enjoyed was learning from others. There are so many other bloggers out there with a wealth of experience to share. It is a large community out there 🙂

I found the blogsite itself relatively easy to maintain. There are some great features on WordPress like the stats package, and I found the FAQs and forums for newbies really informative. Mind you in April I was reading Blogging 101 and Wikipedia’s definition of a blog!

There is an overwhelming amount of information in that network!

Thanks for reading…Until next time!





1. Bahram Massoudi - May 27, 2007

I have news for you.

When you feel a little comfortable and think you can find your way in the world of IT, that you so masterfully evaded during your Mount A years, I suggest you look up Nanotechnology. Once you do, you feel like you are coming out of the cave from the Dark Ages.

Technology is not going to leave us alone. Gone are the days when the only change we knew was what we found in our pockets. Change has gained momentum, and it is pushing us with it no matter how how much we drag our feet. In years to come we would be injected with Nano brain enhancing vitamins helping us understand it all; better and quicker. These are molecular robots sitting in our lazy brains and not letting it rest thinking: ah, at last, I know it all.

From someone who is still struggleing with Blogging 101

2. Ali - May 27, 2007

To further explore your interest in NanoTech, may I suggest that you click the Biztech feed I’ve added to my blog-site. This will take you to MIT’s Tech Review which covers a plethora of technology-related issues and hosts a gammon of interviews and articles that you will find interesting…Including Nanotech. Thus far, My IPod Nano is about the capacity of my appreciation for nanotechnology!

3. Louis-Philippe Gauthier - June 6, 2007

Hello Ali,

It was evident that you enjoyed the assignment and that you got flamed in the process! I’m sure that the experience give you a different perspective for SME’s.

Have a great summer!

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