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Hyper Music- Healing the mind, body and soul. May 21, 2007

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Imagine composing the above posted music without any musical background…as if??

I came across a video article in MIT’s Tech Review that discussed how reading and creating music can develop the brain and also relieve pain, particularly within populations suffering from mental and physical illnesses. But we all know that creating music requires tremendous talent, and at the very least an ability to read and write music…Doesn’t it?

Many schools of thought believe that listening to music develops the mind. But, creating music…That’s a whole other beast. I can remember watching a television show years ago that investigated the brain development of children whose parents literally placed earphones on the mother’s belly so that the fetus could listen to various forms of music (classical to rock) versus those who were read to and those who experienced neither.

In an article published by the Harvard Magazine in 2005, Dr. Richard Kogan pointed out that music and medicine have the same roots. Moreover, the role of physician and musician was often played by the same person in many primitive societies. Interestingly enough, Kogan points out that “… Appolo, was the god of medicine and music.” In the same article, he addressed the fact that, with technological advancements, these disciplines have become far more specialized and therefore the creation of music has been left to the few who have the creative capacity and intelligence. However, Kogan believes that “There’s much more beautiful healing to be had with recreational music-making. People can use music to cope with their lives’ greatest challenges. It’s an unparalleled means of personal expression.”

Dr. Tod Machover, MIT professor, seems to have taken Dr. Kogan’s philosophy to a whole other level. He and his research team have developed software (hyperscore) and instruments (hyperinstruments group) that enable anyone to create their own music, from scratch. The software is based on a graphical drawing interface for compsing music, and is quite user friendly as demonstrated in the following the demo:

This is yet another fascinating technology-based development that will have such profound socio-economic benefits. Indeed, some of the workshops that Machover’s group conducted, showed a significant improvement in social and behavioural patterns within their test sample. The social and human benefits are evident. Furthermore, one can only conclude that with a greater overall patient mental and physical wellness the economic implications will directly follow.



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