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Semantic Web May 17, 2007

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After all, there is one thing that computers and I share in common, neither of us understand the language so well… I found it amusing that JohnBreslin, in his blog entry on the Irish Internet Association site, uses the above cartoon to depict the lack of interoperability between certain software agents (see his blog entry here). The notion of better defining information so that the computer has a more precise understanding thereby enabling human and computers to work even more effectively together is novel to me.

However, it’s certainly nothing new to the creator of the Web and present director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Tim Berners-Lee who according to Businessweek has been working on this evolution to the web for the last decade. Perhaps Wikipedia sums it up best: “At its core, the semantic web comprises a philosophy, a set of design principles, collaborative working groups, and a variety of enabling technologies.”

Specifications for the semantic web include RDF (Resource Description Framework used to represent information and to exchange knowledge in the Web) and OWL ( Web Ontology Language used to publish and share sets oftermscalledontologies , supporting advanced Web search, software agents and knowledge management). Together this new system will integrate databases and enable us toaccessanddisect information like we never have before. The implications are far reaching, imagine being able to access a limitless variety of databases in times of a national crisis, or to prevent an epidemic, for marketing purposes, or streamlining scientific process etc etc…

The following video clip is how Tim Berner-Lee himself describes the semantic web. Who better than the man himself to explain this more intelligent WEB?



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