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Welcome!! After many years of using technology, but never really stopping to truly appreciate its implications or fully understand its functions, I have finally been prompted to do so. The following blog will detail a chronology of thoughts, postings and investigations that I make along the way.

Please note that the content of this site will relate to topics that are being discussed in an MBA class at UdeM in Moncton, NB.




1. David Parry - May 27, 2007

Oh I see, to increase traffic to your site, you have a flickr scroller tagged with “computer”.

Well done, YOU sir, are what is wrong with the internet.

2. alimassoudi - May 28, 2007

As you may have noticed I am rather new to the blogsphere, and have limited experience on the internet other than as a research tool. In fact the only reason I even have Flickr on there is that one of the deliverables of my assignment was to incorporate internet tools to the site.

The reason I tagged computer was to ensure that the pictures that showed up were somewhat relevant to the blog.

Apparently, I have done some sort of ethical injustice and have offended you in the process. I can assure you that whatever you are accusing me of was not my intent. I am not even sure how that increases traffic to my site. You, sir, see the worst in people and therefore You, are what is wrong with society.

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